Träporten i Borgsjö AB
Paul Gielen &
Margriet Neefjes

Borgsjöbyn 139
841 97 Erikslund
tel. (0046) 690-200 22
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En route

It would be nice if guests of Träporten would spend there their whole holiday there. But frankly, it would be a bit of a pity. Sweden is a large country and there are so much beautiful and interesting to see that it is advisable that you visit a couple of different places during your vacation.

Rondje Zweden (Tour of Sweden')
Träporten is a member of "Rondje Zweden" (Tour of Sweden), an organization in which Dutch campground owners in Sweden and Denmark are united. Their campsites are on the most beautiful places in Sweden and offer beautiful pitches, nice cottages, a friendly, English speaking, staff and clean sanitary facilities. On the website www.rondjezweden.se you can learn more about it.

Tidernas Väg
Träporten is the start (or the finish) of a route that exists since the beginning of civilization. At the time of the Vikings it was an important trade route on which goods such as iron and skins were transported to the south. The hectic and busy road of those days, is now a 350 km long stretch of tranquillity. It runs through forests, along crystal clear lakes and via lovely towns. At the other end of Tidernas Väg lies the university town Uppsala. The city of Linnaeus, the famous biologist who designed the classification system for nature that we still use to day. A visit to the botanical garden is an attraction not to be missed.
Even if you do not visit Uppsala, on a trip to Sweden you it is almost inevitable that you stumble across Linnaeus. At least you will find him on the most used banknote (100 Kr), it features a picture of Carl van Linné, the name he got after his ennoblement.
Tidernas Väg has its own website.

Höga Kusten(The High Coasts)
About 100 km from Träporten starts an area know as the High Coast. Due to its special geology and outstanding natural beauty, Unesco included it in the list of World Heritages. At the place where the hilly landscape and the Gulf if Bothnia meet the forces of nature have been working for already many thousands of years. The result is an impressive landscape. At www.highcoast.net you will find some photos of this area.

Norwegian Fjords
If you want to make a tour of Sweden and Norway then Träporten is a excellent hub. You might come Nord over Tidernas Väg and, after your stay in Borgsjö, go via Östersund and the ski area Åre to Trondheim and go south along the Fjords.

The saint Olav route is a pilgrimage from Selånger/Sundsvall in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway, from coast to coast. Trondheim is one of the four major Christian pilgrimagelocations together with Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela. Because Trondheim is a holy place, the route is called a pilgrimage and the people making the journey are called pilgrims. The saint Olav route is 560 km (about 350 miles) long. It is possible to walk, but it's also possible for the most parts to take the journey on bicycle or horse.

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