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Due to its very central location Träporten is, an excellent starting point for exploring the area. Everyone will find something of his liking here. Do you want to be active, enjoy nature, admire art, learn about local history or make a visit to an interesting city or a shopping paradise? Within an hours drive from Träporten all of this is possible.

Under the captions Active, Nature, Interesting and Towns you will find a short description of the most pleasant trips. For reasons of space, it is just a brief description. But when available, there are links to websites of relevant organizations, so you are only one click away from more information. More information can also be obtained from what should be the first trip of anyone who visits Träporten: Naturum.
Naturum is the tourist information office of the municipality Ånge. It is located in the same building as Träporten, you can enter it directly from the restaurant. This tourist office is not just a distribution point for leaflets, far from that. The Naturum also houses a small, free, museum with a permanent display on the history of and nature around Ånge and every month another local artist exhibits its work.
Of course, the hostesses of Naturum can also help with sound advice on exploring the area. They can even supply you with information on the rest of Sweden and the other Nordic countries.


  • Swimming
    The lakeside of the campground offers a wonderful sandy beach, a waterslide and a jetty to jump into lake Borgsjö. Together with the pleasant water temperature this guarantees a lot of swimming fun. Besides the one on the campsite, there are numerous lakes scattered around the area which invite you to a refreshing dive into it.

  • Mid Adventure
    In Torpshammer you will find Mid Adventure a parc where you can play paintball and participate in survival activities. For more information on Mid Adventure, you look at this website.

  • Golf
    Hussborgs Herrgård in Ljungaverk is very beautiful country estate. Golf players can use the excellent maintained and challenging 18-hole golf course. More information can be found on their website.

  • Fishing
    Fishes in lake Borgsjö lead a good life, there is little fishing. But those people who do fish there are very enthusiastic about it, but apparently they want to keep it to themselves. In order to discover this secret a fishing license is required. More on angling and hunting opportunities can be found on this website.

  • Cycling
    Stage 10 of the Sverigeleden, a 9.500 Km long cyclingtrail throughout Sweden passes just behind the campsite. More information on the Sverigeleden is to be found at this website.
    For the less ambitious cyclist there are itineraries on quiet paved roads to Ånge, Fränsta or Ljungaverk. Even on the highway, you can cycle nice and quietly.
    For Mountainbikers, there are numerous possibilities to leave the marked roads.

  • Winter sports
    On Getberget there are alpine slopes with two drag lifts. The mountain is not particularly high, but the steepness of the slope is such that the Swedish skitop is so excited about it that there are advanced plans for building an indoor skislope next to the current slope. So in the future you will be able to ski here 365 days a year.
    Cross country skiing can be done on a loipe close to Träporten in Erikslund. The potential for making your own track in the vast forests are numerous.
    Naturely skating is possible too. Ånge is the birthplace of Samual Påhlson, a living hockey legend, who in 2007 won the Stanley Cap with his team Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

  • Hiking
    The vast forests around lake Borgsjö offer many opportunities for walking.
    Two long distance routes, the Mitt-Nord Leden and the Pelgrimsleden pass near Träporten. There is also a marked walking trail on Rankleven mountain. The main attraction for walking however is Borgsjö Runt. This is a 20 km walk around the lake which is an organized event at the end of June or the beginning of July (website). The start and finish are near Träporten. To enjoy this beautifull walk through nature you don´t have to wait for this event. The route is permanently marked out and your invited have this walk at any another time you want. It is also possible to just walk a part of the route, for example, there is a roundtrip from Träporten which gives you a beautiful walk in the nature in just over an hour.


  • Wolves
    There are wolves in the forest. You will probably not notice this unless you go to the forrest with someone who knows his way around. Someone like Tryggve Hedtjarn. His company ´Rovdjurs-Eko´ organizes various activities in which you can learn more on these wild dogs. Its offers include a lecture with slideshow, a day excursion, a tracking expedition and an evening with the howling wolves. It even offers a night camping in wolve territory. The activities should be booked in advance, at Träporten we can help you with this. More information (mainly in Swedish) can be found on his website.

  • Hiking
    As described under the caption "Active" there are several marked walking trail in te vicinity of Träporten. especialy the Borgsjö Runt is an advisable route to enjoy the nature.

  • Jamtgavln
    At just over 15 km from Träporten lies Jamtgavln. A special nature reserve. But in order to experience something special you do not even have to go that far. In the summer of 2007 when a Dutch family drove on the road towards Jamtgavln, they spotted a brown bear at less than 5 km from Borgsjöbyn. An almost unique experience, which was a frontpage article in the local paper. This article and some of their photo´s are at this page.

  • Flatklocken
    Mount Flatklocken is one of the highest mountains in the area. On top of this mountain there is a viewing tower. From this tower you have a magnificent view of the virtually endless forests of Medelpad.


  • Mittpunkt
    By coincidence, on top of Flatklocken mountain the geographical center of Sweden is located. The small metal pyramid with which it is indicated, is not very interesting, but as described before, the view is certainly an attraction to be visited.

  • St. Olofs källa
    When the Norwegian King Olof II came along Borgsjöbyn in 1030, on his campaign to reconquer the throne, he had a problem. There was no water for him and his entourage. But just when the need became desperate, the king hit the ground with his staff and at that location a well formed, at which he and his entourage could quench their thirst. But the problem was still not completely solved, for reasons unclear to me, the horses could not drink from this well. The king sat down on a stone to review this issue. When he stood up again a second miracle happened, the spot where he had been seated, had formed into a bowl from which the horses could drink.Olofs story does not have a happy ending. His campaign ended with the battle of Stiklestad where he did not only lose the battle but also his life. As Olof was the first Norwegian king to convert to Christianity, the miracles like the ones at Borgsjöbyn resulted in him being canonized into sainthood in 1164.
    Nowadays you can find this historic place at 2 Km from Träporten and you can drink the water from the well.
    More on the St.Olofs kalla can be found on this website.

  • Borgsjö Kyrka
    In Borgsjöbyn there is a beautiful rococo church. This was built in the 18th century on the same spot where there had been a small church since the middle ages. In the well preserved interior you will find various items from the older church. In front of the church there is an 18th century belfry , built by Pål Persson. This belfry is praised as the "king of the wooden towers of the nord".

  • Boda Borg
    Scattered across Sweden there is a chain of hands-on museums which call themselves adventure houses. It is a house which you enter in groups. In every room your group must solve various problems in order to gain access to the next room. It offers a combination of doing things and thinking, an outing that even adolescents will enjoy. There are now 9 Boda Borgs, but the best is of course the original, which is Torpshammer. More on Boda Borg can be found on their website.

  • Slöjd Museum
    Gösta Sundin (1926-2000) has lived in Borgsöbyn since his early childhood. Professionally he worked in road construction as a explosives specialist. As a hobby he started to cut figures out of wood. Meticulously and with a keen eye for detail he recreated scenes from the time in which he grew up. Since 1995 his works of art are exhibited in his own museum. This museum, which is a must see, is just a few hundred meters from Träporten.

  • Ånge Zoologiska Museum
    A museum with a collection of more than a thousand stuffed animals. In addition to the animals from this area, this collection also includes animals from all over the world. Among the 1100 stuffed birds there are an ostrich and several eagles. Furthermore, the museum has a large collection hunting trophies like animal heads and antlers. The museum has its own web site.


  • Ånge
    In the past Ånge was Sweden's central railroad junction. The emergence of the private car, has had its impact on the Swedish railways. But Ånge still has a substantial railway-yard. Unfortunately the old station has been replaced by a rather unspectacular new one. Therefore, besides the Ånge Zoologiska Museum, there is hardly anything remarkable in this city. But it is a city worth visiting for you daily shopping. It has two well stocked supermarkets, a Konsum on the central square and an ICA on the outskirts of the city.

  • Östersund
    As told in the myth there is a monster which lives in lake Stensjon. Presumably a brother of the one in Loch Ness. Walking through the park along the shore is something special due to this monster. Beside the alleged monster Östersund is not a very spectacular city with its long straight streets and lots of new constructions. It is however a good city for shopping.
    Worth visiting, especially with children, is Jamtli Land , the large open air museum.

  • Sundsvall
    An old port, with a large number of beautiful buildings and a well-equipped center. Besides a stroll to the towns center you should have a rest at the square in front of the town hall to admire the buildings around is. You may notice that these buildings are made out of bricks, whereas most northern cities wood has been used as main building material. The reason for this lies in a devastating fire in 1888 wich reduced the city to ashes. To avoid such a tragedy in the future, a law was passed that in the reconstruction only stone buildings were allowed.
    If your feeling lucky, you could visit Sundsvalls casino.

  • Birsta City
    On the north side of Sundsval lies Birsta City. This is not a real city but it is a shopping paradise in which almost all Swedish retail chains have opened a shop. Some of the very large ones such as IKEA and Media Markt have their own building, but besides that there is a large mall with shops like H&M, Intersport etc.


Sunset over Träporten in winter
The turis office of Ånge: Naturum
The lakeside beach
Fishing in the Ljungan
Getberget skislope
Träporten is also opened in winter

Scenery of the Borgsjö Runt
See bears at the Naturum/Träporten
Or in the wild
Sweden's geografical middlepoint
The St. Olofswell
The Borgsjö church

The Vikbron,Sweden's oldest wooden bridge

Mandel's selfportrait in the Slöjd Museum

A little santa playing the snow

The Sockenmagasinet in Borgsjö

Wild animals in Ånge Zoologiska Museum

The library in Centralhuset in Ånge
The lake at Östersund

Two of the many dragons in Sundsvall
The shopping paradise of Birsta
The start of the Naturstig